Sell your Fleet

Sell your Fleet

For anyone that’s bought a new vehicle or fleet, they know how exciting this process can be. However the excitement of getting new vehicles is offset by time consuming and stressful effort of remarketing and selling the old ones.

The question is, how do you upgrade your fleet if it’s still being used?
Also as a business owner, how do you find the time to sell old vehicles with a busy schedule?

At m3commercials, we work with owners and fleet managers throughout the UK, in precisely this predicament.

We offer a complete service, often working weeks in advance of a renewal deadline. So when the time comes to transition between the old and new, the process is as quick and seamless.

We handle everything for you including;

  • Administration
  • Livery removal
  • Logistics- should vehicles need collection.

There is no limit on the number of vehicles whether selling a single vehicle or an entire fleet.

Our UK wide dealer network mean condition and age are also not an issue and we will offer you the fairest prices.

Fill out the form on the below to request a callback or email us at to discuss your options.

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